Thursday, 26 March 2009

Finding Jelberts and Nearby Attractions

Jelberts is situated in the small fishing village of Newlyn, along the main road that leads straight to the most South Westerly point in Britain,Lands End. Newlyn is a pretty town, steeped in history and tradition but free from most of the tourist trade which has ruined other Cornish towns, therefore it is an unspoiled gem along the Cornish coastline.

In the area there are many beautiful walks: from Newlyn to Mousehole, along the sunny green to the boating lake or merely sitting on the pebbled beach, or merely enjoying a cool ice cream on the quaintly pebbled beach. Newlyn is extremely picturesque, featuring a new tribute to fishing in statue form, as well as the natural phenomenon of Saint Michaels Mount.

St Michaels Mount.

The Mount is said to have been formed by the evil Giant Cormoran, who also lived on the Mount until he was slain by Jack the Giant Killer. It is accessible by foot during low tide, but at high tide the mount becomes separated from the mainland by the sea and so is only available via a short boat trip. There is a small community that live on the Mount, as well as the owner of St Michaels Mount, Lord st Levan who lives in the Mount's castle. There are many beautiful gardens on St Michael's Mount, which are well worth a visit,as well as the castle itself and circular walks around the island.

Museums and Attractions.

Just across the road from Jelberts shop is the Maritime Museum, showing the history of the fishing industry in Newlyn,a huge part of the local culture. There is also a seafood restaurant next door, which uses local catches and complies to a seaside theme. Also nearby is a small, authentic Italian restaurant that combines local cultural dishes with delicious Italian cuisine.

In and around Newlyn there are many lovely inns and taverns, such as The Tolcarne, The Swordfish and The Dolphin. These can be combined with walks, so that you can burn off some calories before being refreshed at Jelberts and satiating your thirst at a local inn.

Jelberts ice creams are extremely refreshing,perfect on a hot day to cool you down, or to brighten up the dreary weather. We also sell a variety of soft drinks and a large selection of confectionary- sweets, chocolate bars and local, clotted cream fudge.

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