Thursday, 11 June 2009

Prices and Products


At Jelberts we have always tried to keep the cost of our ice cream as small as possible. We also make the ice cream in the factory just up the road, fresh every day. This means that Jelberts ice cream is fresh each day and the cream that is served is also sourced locally. The recipe has been handed down for generations, finally reaching my father, who currently owns and runs the shop.

Jelberts also sell a wide range of confectionery: from chocolate bars to clotted cream fudge to penny sweets and much much more, Jelberts is a child's haven! Huge jars of wine gums, midget gems and other sugary treats stand high on shelves above the counter, tempting all that enter the shop. We also offer many drinks (all non-alcoholic!) to cool you off on hot Cornish afternoons. The range includes all fizzy favourites such as Coke, Sprite and Fanta, as well as Oasis and other soft drinks.

Another available product is a pot of clotted cream to take away, weighing in at 1/4 pound, 1/2 pound or 3/4 pounds. This clotted cream is perfect with any dessert, especially strawberries, so treat yourself in Wimbledon season!

Ice creams are sold in cones and tubs, with sizes small and large, There is also the option of adding a topping to complete your delicious ice cream- a 99 flake and/or a dollop of local Cornish clotted cream. Tubs come with two complimentary wafers and can have lids and spoons if required.

Here is a list of prices for the '09 Summer season:


Small- 80p

Large- £1.20


Small (1 scoop)- £1.30

Large (2 scoops)- £2.00

99 Flake- 20p

Portion of Clotted Cream on Ice Cream- 30p

1/4 Pound of Clotted Cream- 99p
1/2 Pound of Clotted Cream- £1.80

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