Monday, 14 September 2009

The History of Jelberts.

Jelberts ice cream has always been run by the same family, passed down from generation to generation. This means the recipe is the same as it was when the ice cream business began in the early 20th century.

Jelberts was started at the beginning of the 20th century by my great great grandfather. He bought the building above his house to be the tiny factory, and the shop at the bottom of the huge Paul hill in which to sell the ice cream. These buildings serve the same purpose today as they did when the shop first began, and the ice cream is transported down the hill, from factory to shop in the shell of a pram! As a child I remember riding down the hill on the top of a huge tub of fresh ice cream, being pushed along by my father in the midday sun.

The business was taken over by my fathers' uncle after my great great grandfather retired and has grown and grown in popularity. It has always been well-known in the Newlyn and Penzance area, as well as families coming down on holiday to Cornwall and eating a Jelberts every single day.

The current owner is Mr James Glover, former teacher and Oxford graduate. He has owned (or part-owned) the shop since the mid 1970s, after his uncle who had previously run the business sadly passed away. At first he ran Jelberts with his aunt and then became sole proprieter in 1980. He now takes on a more back-seat role, managing the business, but will still be seen in the shop every day serving the refreshing delicacy.

Hopefully the Jelberts legacy will continue to grow as time goes on and more people learn about the freshest, tastiest, tiny ice cream company at the end of Cornwall.

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